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Visual Production Services

We offer a complete set of services for creating photo and video content for your business. Whether you need influencer photography, videos, product visuals or something else, we are here to help with professional visual production services.


Catch the attention of your customers. Expand your business. We will give you the results you need.


the importance of visual production services

It’s easy to see why video content is so important and effective right now when you look at how people process information. Video format is easier to digest when compared to text content. That’s the reason why the whole world watches over 1 billion hours of Youtube videos each day!


As a business owner, it’s important to fully understand how powerful video is as a form of content in digital marketing and as a contributor to your ROI. 


Why is video so effective today?

First of all, video is very engaging. People can spend a great deal of time watching videos. But more importantly, videos can lead to an increase in purchases. According to research, consumers who viewed videos are  64% to 85% more likely to buy. Those are significant numbers that every marketer and business owner should be aware of. We at social influenc like to utilize videos for our clients because it has a high ROI. In fact, more than 50% of marketing professionals agree that video has the highest ROI of any type of content.



If you haven’t already started utilizing photo & video for digital marketing, now is the time! It’s predicted that by 2021, 80% of all the traffic on the internet will stem from videos. At this point, search engines consider video to be high quality content which is why videos are excellent for SEO (and don’t forget to have the videos optimized themselves!).


Another major reason why you should consider using photo & video for marketing is because most consumers say that original visual content helps them in making decisions when buying products. In other words, you could be missing out on a lot of opportunities to close customers if you don’t use visual production.



Did you know that social influenc. does more than just visual production? We are a full service digital marketing company!

Yes, we provide a complete set of online marketing solutions. We have several years of experience in online marketing and it’s been enough to turn us into one of the leading digital marketing firms on the internet today. By employing our visual production services, our clients get the best of both worlds. They get professional-level content that are made with an eye for digital marketing.

Professional Visual Production Equipment

In our years of experience, we have learned the best practices that result in the most effective visual content. Professional visuals have good lighting, background, and audio. What’s the key in achieving all of that? Equipment. 


We have invested in buying the best tools and equipment for our visual productions. We only use professional-level cameras, lighting, and audio equipment in our visual productions. We never try to make do with improvised tools because we know that the quality of the output would suffer. We use nothing but the best for our clients.

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2. Boost Brand Awareness

At our office, we have a studio where we conduct product shoots so that we get to control the environment. We utilize the same professional background and lighting equipment for our videos. It’s also easy to forget about the audio when producing videos. Some consumers may watch a non-HD video, but most people will not stick around to watch your video if it has poor audio quality. While they need the visual information, they also rely on the audio to fully grasp the video’s message. This is why we ensure high quality audio whenever we make videos for our clients.


Again, all of these, the background, the lighting, and the audio, all of those depend on the quality of equipment being used.

Our Experienced Specialists

How do we ensure that all of the best practices are followed all the time? That’s simple, we rely on our team of experienced and talented specialists. All of our specialists are experts in their field and know how to create videos that can deliver.


From the physical efforts and skills it takes to maneuver and use a professional camera to the technical skills required during editing, our team has what it takes to nail every step.


If you need professional videos for your brand, then rely on social influenc. Our video production services are reliable and consistent. We have worked with hundreds of clients in the past and we have given them the results they need.


Contact one of our specialists now so you can explore what our video production services can do for you.

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Building Trust

When talking about conversion rates, it is also important to remember that sales and conversions depend and are built on trust. Great videos can establish and build brand-consumer trust because it provides useful and relevant information to consumers. You need to create videos that are conversational in tone and address any reasons as to why your customer may be hesitant in buying from you. That will make it easier for people to trust your brand.

This Is Our Visual Production Process

What kind of content do you need? Different types of photo or video require us to follow different processes. The first thing that we do is to coordinate with you and learn about you as a business and what kind of content you’re looking for.

Once we understand the type of content that needs to be made, we are going to list the things required for making it. We may need a sample of your product for example or we may have to do a shoot in your office. We are going to go through every detail and square away any requirements for your content.


For product shoots, we typically do that in our studio where we have the right setup. For other forms of photo or video that have to be shot on location, our team will go to the site and bring all of the necessary equipment.


The editing portion in the visual production process is just as important as the actual shoot is. The editing is where we will make sense out of all the footage that we took. This is where we add effects and colour grading that can reinforce the message that you want to deliver.


We will present to you what we have created and should you have any requests for revisions, then we will work on those. Once you are satisfied with the content, then we will deliver it to you in the final format that we have agreed upon.



We can craft the right visual content for your business but our services need not stop there. social influenc is an all-around digital marketing organization that has been delivering a complete solution to clients for years now.

This means we can take that visual production we created for you and promote it effectively. With our experience and know-how, there is a better chance that you can reap the benefits of visual content which we have listed above. 

Just as we are experienced in production, we are also highly skilled in all aspects of digital marketing. The numbers and statistics show that video is the most promising type of content and is predicted to stay that way. Trust our video specialists to create the best content to move your business into the future. Contact us today.



In some ways, this is the most important of all the metrics concerning your photo and video content. It is a measure of how interested your audience is in your content.

Social Sharing

Social media should not be ignored when it comes to digital marketing. So when you publish photo and video content, you should monitor how many times it is shared via social media.

View Count

This is self-explanatory. This metric measures the number of times that your video has been viewed. Naturally, you want as many potential customers as possible to view your video. Different platforms measure “views” differently; some count it as “viewed” if someone watched 30 seconds or more, whereas some platforms count 3-second views. Employing our marketing services to further market your video after it’s been produced would give you the knowledge and expertise needed to navigate these metrics and discern which are the most important to review.


CTR is a measure of the number of people that clicked on the link that came with the photo or video. It’s an important metric that measures how effective the overall message of the content is and how many people clicked to your website or landing page from viewing your content.

Tracking Conversions

How can you tell if your visual production is actually doing its job of acquiring sales? We keep track of this for our clients by measuring the conversions made through the photo or video content.


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